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Kelly Caldwell 

Kelly Caldwell is the owner and creator of all

Simple Goodness Soap products.



On a farm in Indiana, the sun slips past the horizon, shining softly on a herd of goats grazing in the fields. And just off to the west the smell of the lavender patch is sifting through the breeze. Down the long lane is a workshop filled with love, laughter, family, and life working very hard, making the finest soaps.

This is our home. Welcome to Simple Goodness Soaps.

We started with the simple question, “Is it possible to make laundry soap for my family that is made from natural products and is inexpensive to buy?”

Well that question opened the door of curiosity, relentless research, and through difficult discovery came the simplest, yet most beautiful handcrafted soaps.

This simple interest became a fun passion. It didn’t take long before the soap was off and running. We handed it out to some friends and family and sold a bit at the local farmers market. The feedback was astounding! The demand for our soap steadily increased. So in the spring of 2012, Simple Goodness was officially launched.

Putting our emphasis on homegrown or locally grown ingredients we try to grow as much of our herbs as we can. We also use our own farm fresh goat’s milk. This way we are able to monitor the girl’s diet and make sure they are the healthiest and happiest they can be!

While many companies cram 30 ingredients of nonessentials into their products, our soaps and body care products allow what God has already created to simply flow with each other in their natural way. We wanted something simple. Simple to make. Simple to use. Simple for families. Simple for life.

Sure, there may be only a few simple ingredients, but there is much more that goes into our products. There is a lot of love, attention and pride in each drop of lotion and every sud of soap.

These are the products we love to use for our family. So, from our family to yours, enjoy Simple Goodness Soaps.

Live Simple. Live Good.